Train to Yesterday    

An ambitious Twenty-first century modern woman and a determined Nineteenth century entrepreneur meet out of time and fall in love. Yet can love survive when one of them might suddenly disappear back to their own time?


Time Travel Excitement!
Nell Duvall's "Train to Yesterday" is full of suspense, mystery, and mayhem. Penny, the heroine, finds herself back in 1855 Coshocton, Ohio where she meets Fletcher the dashing railroad entrepreneur. She is instantly attracted to him but he thinks she's a spy. How can she convince him she's from the future? How can they have a future together? With surprising twists and turns, this time travel romance will keep you reading to the exciting conclusion.

-Tenaya Jacob, author of "Seasonings of the Soul."

When Lilacs Bloom     A ghost haunts Libby Leverett as she remodels her home originally built in the early nineteenth century. Little does she know that love and murder lurk in the pasr and will seek her out when she seeks her soul mate.

When Lilacs Bloom
ByE. Wolterson July 20, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

I can smell the lilacs. Time travel has always captured my imagination, When Lilacs Bloom by Nell DuVall takes me there. I became enmeshed in the story and with the characters. Nell DuVall's wonderfully imaginative and inventive book draws the reader into its fantastical web of time travel. Libby, a modern independent woman, travels to the 19th century to meet her fate and her soul mate. Libby buys and starts extensive restoration on Mohr House. While researching the history of the house, Libby becomes intrigued by James Mohr's live and events of the 1840. Ms.DuVall's detailed, beautifully written story enables the reader to feel as if they are living and breathing the 1842 era. The story was very well researched and did a great job blending fiction with history. 

     A bank scam, a series of accidents that end as murders, and police too ready to accept simple explanations for deaths push freelance writer Brooke Beldon and systems programmer Paul Counts ever deeper into a tangled conspiracy.

Nice cozy mystery
ByAmazon-Kundeon November 28, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

Selvage is an intricate, well-written, but rather cozy mystery developing at a slow pace with too little tension and conflict for my taste. The two main characters are a bit naive but tough and persevering. Doesn't happen too often that a computer nerd becomes amateur sleuth and Paul is quite convincing in this roll, although a little too single-minded to really come alive. I really liked the ending, but of course, I can't say why or I'd ruin the fun for others.

Murder in Her Dreams     Cassie Blake lives with guilt because she failed to heed her dreams and a young girl died. Now, a year later a handsome man and a vicious feral rabbit haunt her dreams.

Pay attention to your dreams
ByJustine Wittichon August 2, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

Nell Duvall has crafted the perfect mix of woo-woo, romance and mystery in MURDER IN HER DREAMS. Cassie dreams of Ian's danger, even though she has never met him, and since her last dream series turned out disastrously, she is convinced this time she can make a difference. The plot develops slowly and methodically, making this a great beach read -- or maybe in the hammock in your back yard. Tidy red herrings and great characters make this a perfect reader's choice.

Murder in the Cards     Leah Chernowski discovers more in the Tarot cards than she wants to know when she reads them for Ted Muccino, a sexy skeptic who doubts both her and the murder the cards foreshadow.

Leah Chernowski discovers more in the Tarot cards than she wants to know when she reads them for Ted Muccino, a sexy skeptic who doubts both her and the cards. Even her best friend Tula Mohr predicts love for the two. However, dreams show a hidden enemy determined to kill Ted. Leah must first convince the stubborn Italian an enemy exists and then unravel clues to the man’s identity before she and Ted can find love.

Murder in Her Mind     Little does Tula Mohr expect to find a new love and cousins in Ireland. However, someone is determined to kill the Irish Somali woman.

Suffering from the recent break up of a romance, Tula Mohr, the daughter of an Irish man and a wealthy Somali woman, finds her confidence at low ebb when her latest conquest ditches her for another woman. With her parents dead and no other family, she relies on her two closest friends for comfort. At their insistence, she travels to Ireland to seek her father’s birthplace and any surviving relatives. Little does she expect to find a new love and cousins. However, someone is determined to kill the Irish Somali woman.

Beyond the Rim of Light As Alex Stone)     Marissa Latham defies two galactic civilizations as she tries to save a sentient species slated for destruction and protect a means of traveling anywhere in the universe instantly from grasping dictators

Beyond the Rim of Light, Alex Stone -- Captivated by the beauty of the planet Arden, xenobiologist and survey team leader Marissa Latham wants to preserve it and its dominant species, the rheodactyls (rheos). However, a treaty between the Usian Confederation and the Delphian Empire requires the clearing of Arden despite Marissa's insistence the rheos are sentient. Unsupported by others, she is determined to reverse that decision when a rheo attack on the survey team closes the planet to all. Angered by events, Marissa takes action that has unexpected results. Exiled beyond the edge of the universe, she is transformed. From the unsuspected warp and weft of the universe to the pleasure world of Satina IV, Marissa fights to save Arden, the Rheos, and the friends who were condemned along with her. .
Corpulent Chiropteran    (Kindle only)
Wally, a reluctant fat vampire, faces a lonely life until he meets Bernice, but the evil Estrella has other ideas.

paranormal, vampire, humor, romance
ByStewarton October 7, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

Stocky Wally, a butcher, lives with his mother. She's a good cook, and he enjoys eating. Mother wants him to marry a nice woman and supply her with grandchildren to coddle.

He has no romantic partner, but he loves to dance. Women like his grace in the ballroom. Every Saturday night he attends a dance and doesn't lack partners, although none are attracted to him until he meets Estrella, an older, but still beautiful woman.

At her invitation, Wally goes home with her, and she has her way with him. He wakes up alone in a dusty, old house and doesn't feel right. 

Judy Lammers

Three Gifts of Christmas also in Holiday Hopes     (Kindle only)

Family or love? Stephanie Graham must choose between her frail elderly grandmother and Craig, her fiancé, when he gets a promotion that would take him to England.

ByJustine Wittichon November 28, 2013

Nell duVall has writtten a charming holiday tale about life choices. It's fear of change that causes Steffy to use her grandmother as an excuse for backing out of marriage with Craig. His promotion would take them across the ocean to England, far from her safe haven in Ohio, and away from her family and friends. Still, her heart yearns for life with Craig. It takes Gran's tale of her own life experiences to make Steffy realize what she's throwing away. This is the perfect story to warm your heart at this very special time of year.
Saving Marta     (Kindle only)
When a lonely young woman and man conspire to save an elderly woman,in Christmas Wishes 2012 they have no inkling of where their efforts will lead.

Perfect Little Story Just in Time for the Season!
ByGamer Momon December 22, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition

I just had the pleasure of reading "Saving Marta", a short story by Nell DuVall (which also appears in the anthology, Christmas Wishes 2012). If you love romance and holiday-themed stories, this one is really cute.

It revolves around Marta, an elderly woman who's just had a hip replacement surgery. Her divorced son, Jason, is the only one in the family left to care for her, and he's worried. As Marta recuperates in a nursing facility, she seems to be getting depressed and won't commit to her therapy. She ends up making a bargain with her son--if he can find a good woman to marry, she'll cooperate with her recovery team.

Saving Christmas also in Warm Christmas Wishes     (Kindle only)
A woman wonders if she'll even have a Christmas when her husband turns up missing near the Afghanistan border and turns to helping a young teen to forget her worries.

Warm Christmas Wishes
Bylady gon July 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Is an Anthology of different stories about Christmas by five different authors. I loved them all but two of my favorites were Uncle Albert's Christmas by Jenny Twist and On the Way to the Snowball by Brenda White side. A fun entertaining read each story is a little different. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This anthology is aptly named as it brings a warm glow to your heart with each of these wonderful Christmas tales. You can expect to find magic, charm, love and happiness within. A fabulous group of authors come together resulting in an anthology that no one should be without at Christmas. If you want to know what Christmas is all about, read this book. You'll find all the answers inside.

(Kindle only)

Teaching Man An Appalachian tale of Halloween and a mysterious visitor.

The Guardian A cat named Bathsheba, a young woman, and an accident.

Tomorrow Is Soon Enough A young woman fails to heed the warnings of an old-fashioned broom maker.

Soul Mates A teen-age boy gets more than he expected from a young witch.

Ghosts of Past Loves Two ghosts encourage romance between their former mates.

Nonfiction Domestic Technology, a chronology of household technology

According to the preface she sets out to find the source of all the comforts of modern life, and it's indeed an interesting idea.

Tables upon tables, interspersed by charts and sentence fragments, almost devoid of a narrative.

Deadly Valentine (Kindle only)

Mystery & Suspense

Synopsis Show less

When Lou hears her brother and his fiancee arguing the night of their Valentine's Day party, she thinks nothing of it...until her brother winds up dead. The only clues: his fiancee's silver earring found beside the body, and Lou's glimpse of a red dress disappearing into the room where the body was found, just minutes before the murder...